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==UTHSC Rapid Prototyping Lab==
==UTHSC Rapid Prototyping Lab==
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[[Image:SLS1.jpg|304px x 790|thumb|left|Selective Laser Sintering]]
[[Image:Minitech.JPG|180x 170px|thumb|left|Mini-CNC]]
[[Image:Sherline.JPG|192px x 170px|thumb|left|Lathe]]
<br />
[[Image:SLS1.jpg|left|thumb|375px|Selective Laser Sintering]]
[[Image:Minitech.JPG|none|thumb|375px|Mini-CNC]]<br />

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UTHSC Rapid Prototyping Lab

Selective Laser Sintering



This page is intended to give insight on the rapid prototyping processes that are performed in our lab and to give new lab members the ability to learn more about the capabilities of the lab and how to maximize results.


The RPL is used by the translational research group to create unique fixtures and devices for researching various topics with a very short lag time. Ideas can quickly go between the researchers and the engineers or technicians building the components to refine and improve designs.


Selective Laser Sintering

3D Systems SinterStation HiQ

CNC Milling Machine

Minitech Mini-Mill3


Sherline Lathe


  • SolidWorks
  • Rhino
  • FlashCut CNC