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==[[Conklin lab protocols]] ==
==[[Conklin lab protocols]] ==
[[Administration of Spiradoline to Mice Expressing RASSLs Ro1 or Ro2]]
Gene Expression Analysis of Heart Tissue
Mouse Heart Tissue Harvest for DNA Microarrays
Homogenization and Solubilization of RASSLs
Immunoprecipitation of RASSLs
Immunoblotting of RASSLs
Detection of Flag-tagged RASSLs by ELISA in Tissue Culture Cells
FACS Detection of RASSLs in Blood Cells
IP- Western of HA-tagged Proteins
X-gal Staining Protocol
Mouse Tail DNA Analysis Protocol
3H Thymidine Incorporation Assay for Rat-1a Cells
Doxycycline Administration to Mice
Rapid Mouse Activity Assay
Mouse Heart Harvest for DNA Arrays
Protocol to Genotype Rs1 Mice
Tet Systems
Protocol to Genotype NKX2-5 BAC Mice
Protocol to Genotype ColI (2.3)-tTA Mice: R. 20080528

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Conklin lab protocols