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  • CERF Notebook by Rescentris Ltd
    • Capture and share files, notes, data - your entire research record
    • 21CFR11 compliant - role-based access, digital signatures, audit trails, and more
    • Extensible - Customizable - integrate with existing solutions & databases
    • Custom templates ensure uniform recordkeeping across your organization
    • Windows, Mac, Linux
  • eLab Notebook by Waters Corp
  • NuGenesis SDMS "Information Management Platform" by Waters Corp
  • STARLIMS web-based LIMS
  • Freezer management LIMS?
  • SLIMS Small Laboratory Informatics Management System is geared toward chemoinformatics and biological assays but can be extended with new datatypes
  • GnosisLIMS is a project to create a fully functional Open Source Laboratory Information Management System