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Codon tables describe how the triplet codon of RNA (or DNA) is read by specific tRNAs to map to a particular amino acid. Many organisms use the Standard Codon Table, shown below.

Standard Codon table


TTT Phe F Phenylalanine
TTC Phe F Phenylalanine
TTA Leu L Leucine
TTG Leu L Leucine

TCT Ser S Serine
TCC Ser S Serine
TCA Ser S Serine
TCG Ser S Serine

TAT Tyr Y Tyrosine
TAC Tyr Y Tyrosine
TAA Ochre (Stop)
TAG Amber (Stop)

TGT Cys C Cysteine
TGC Cys C Cysteine
TGA Opal (Stop)
TGG Trp W Tryptophan


CTT Leu L Leucine
CTC Leu L Leucine
CTA Leu L Leucine
CTG Leu L Leucine

CCT Pro P Proline
CCC Pro P Proline
CCA Pro P Proline
CCG Pro P Proline

CAT His H Histidine
CAC His H Histidine
CAA Gln Q Glutamine
CAG Gln Q Glutamine

CGT Arg R Arginine
CGC Arg R Arginine
CGA Arg R Arginine
CGG Arg R Arginine


ATT Ile I Isoleucine
ATC Ile I Isoleucine
ATA Ile I Isoleucine
ATG Met M Methionine, Start

ACT Thr T Threonine
ACC Thr T Threonine
ACA Thr T Threonine
ACG Thr T Threonine

AAT Asn N Asparagine
AAC Asn N Asparagine
AAA Lys K Lysine
AAG Lys K Lysine

AGT Ser S Serine
AGC Ser S Serine
AGA Arg R Arginine
AGG Arg R Arginine


GTT Val V Valine
GTC Val V Valine
GTA Val V Valine
GTG Val V Valine

GCT Ala A Alanine
GCC Ala A Alanine
GCA Ala A Alanine
GCG Ala A Alanine

GAT Asp D Aspartic acid
GAC Asp D Aspartic acid
GAA Glu E Glutamic acid
GAG Glu E Glutamic acid

GGT Gly G Glycine
GGC Gly G Glycine
GGA Gly G Glycine
GGG Gly G Glycine

1The codon ATG both codes for methionine and serves as an initiation site: the first ATG in an mRNA's coding region is where translation into protein begins.
2UGA can also code for selenomethionine: the twenty-first amino acid, discovered in 1986.
3UAG can also code for pyrrolysine: the twenty-second amino acid, discovered in 2002.