Clicker in the life sciences (audience response systems)

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Clicker (top left) linked via radio signals to USB receiver.

Clicker, zappers, or audience response systems (ARS) are interactive devices that are becoming more popular in the life sciences to turn for example a frontal lecture into a more interactive learning experience. Clickers enable the lecturer to ask questions and see the audience answers live on screen, allowing for immediate adjustment of content, speed, and direction.

Price estimates

  • eInstruction CPS Pulse €43 (+€150 for receiver, no software charges)
  • TurningPoint ResponseCard RF LCD €53 (+180€ for receiver, no software charges)
  • Qwizdom Q4 €60 (+120€ receiver, +120€ instructor remote)
  • Qwizdom Q6 €70 (+120€ receiver, +120€ instructor remote)

Estimates are from 11-2012. Prices per response unit for a small order of <50 clickers, with the average European VAT of 20%, rounded, and including an academic discount where available. Companies may charge for receiver and software in addition to the clickers.


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