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  • Group photo - June - 2014

LabPhoto June2014 CROP.jpg
back row; L-R: Vincent, Laura, Temi, Lisa, Rob, Carlos
front row; L-R: Wamiah, Jing, Joanne
(not shown) Kamal, Peter
FunnyLab CROP.jpg

  • Summer 2012 BBQ photo at Laura's pad


Principal Investigator

Current Lab Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

Graduate students

Graduate training and education is a crucial aspect of our laboratory culture. Here are our current students:

  • Joanne Lau (Doctoral Student, Micro Program) is currently identifying regions of ClpXP regulators critical for their function.
  • Jing Liu (Doctoral Student, MCB) is studying how DnaA, the initiator of DNA replication is degraded.
  • Robert Vass (Doctoral Student, MCB) is discovering how ClpXP processes essential replication factors.
  • Kamal Joshi (Doctoral Student, MCB) is defining how hierarchies of adaptors generate substrate specificity.
  • Lisa Hernandez Alicea (Doctoral Student, MCB) is determining how ClpXP extracts membrane proteins.

Undergraduate students

Many of us gained our passion for science through undergraduate experiences, we are thrilled to host these students:


  • Laura I Francis (senior advisor) - provides needed guidance, insight, and general sanity.

Previous Lab Members

The lab has had the privilege of hosting many scientists from all paths, cultures and career stages.

  • Nathan Colon, undergraduate (Spring 2010)/technican (Summer 2010), graduated 2010, BMB. - Current position: PREP program.
  • Laura I Francis, Ph.D. (postdoc 2010-2011) is now an instructor with the Biology Department here at UMass.
  • Keith Rood (Masters Student, BMB) has graduated - current position: Sasisekharan Lab at Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research (MIT).\
  • Keith Ballard (MCB) was a rotation student in the lab - Spring 2010.
  • Sid Advani (MCB) was a rotation student in the lab - Fall 2011.
  • Claudine Mapa (graduated 2012, BMB major) currently a PhD graduate student at UMass Worcester.
  • Patrick Stoddard(graduated 2012, BMB major) currently a PhD graduate student at Harvard MCB.
  • Martin Susskind (graduated 2012, BMB major) currently on the West Coast.
  • Nathan Colon (PREP program 2012) currently an MD student at Drexel School of Medicine.
  • Amber Cantin (MS 2012, BS 2012, BMB) currently working at Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research in Cambridge.
  • Paula Muhlnickel (Masters Diploma Student, Ruhr University, Germany); 2012-2013 is currently a PhD student at the Max Planck Dortmund.
  • Nousheen Hamid Bhat, Ph.D. was developing new methodologies for discovery of novel ClpXP substrates.
  • Gagandeep Singh (class of 2013, BMB major) is currently an MD student at Brown.
  • Alexander Duval (class of 2013, BMB major) worked on characterization of novel PAS domains in Caulobacter.
  • Brian Shin (class of 2013, Biology major) is a technician in the Burton lab at Harvard MCB.
  • Ying Zhang (class of 2013, BMB major) is currently working as a technician in Boston.
  • Daniel DiCorpo (class of 2013, BMB major) is currently a PhD student at Brown.
  • Justin Li (class of 2014, BMB major) worked on determining how DnaA is degraded.
  • Saskia Heybrouck (visiting student, Ruhr University, Germany; 2014) is finishing her diploma in Germany

Fun(ner) stuff

Group photo - MAAAARRRRTTTYYYYY!!!!! Maaaarty crop.jpg

Group photo - At Boston Bacterial Meeting - Summer 2011 AtBBM.jpg