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  • Group photo - Marty's Capstone presentation - April 2012

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back row; L-R: Joanne, Laura, Rob, Daniel, Patrick, Marty, Justin
front row; L-R: Jing, Amber, Claudine, Ying, Paula, Nowsheen, Peter
(not shown) Nathan, Brian

Principal Investigator

Current Lab Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Nousheen Hamid Bhat, Ph.D. is developing new methodologies for discovery of novel ClpXP substrates.

Graduate students

  • Joanne Lau (Graduate Student, Micro Program) is currently identifying regions of ClpXP regulators critical for their function.
  • Jing Liu (Graduate Student, MCB) is studying how factors important for DNA replication are degraded.
  • Robert Vass (Masters Student, MCB) is discovering how ClpXP processes proteins during cell-cycle.
  • Amber Cantin (Masters Student, BMB) is uncovering the molecular mechanisms of regulated degradation by ClpXP.
  • Paula Muhlnickel (Masters Diploma Student, Ruhr University, Germany) is structurally deciphering how substrates and adaptors interact.

Undergraduate students

  • Claudine Mapa (class of 2012, BMB major) is working on understanding how protein degradation couples developmental decisions and environmental cues.
  • Patrick Stoddard(class of 2012, BMB major) is understanding cells how domains of ClpXP regulate specificity and activity.
  • Martin Susskind (class of 2012, BMB major) is defining the minimal components needed for regulated degradation of ClpXP substrates.
  • Brian Shin (class of 2013, Biology major) is a work-study student in the lab.
  • Ying Zhang (class of 2013, BMB major) is working to understand common features of response regulators in different pathways.
  • Daniel DiCorpo (class of 2013, BMB major) is determining how cells respond to unbalanced protein degradation.
  • Justin Li (class of 2014, BMB major) just joined the lab.


  • Nathan Colon (PREP program) - is working to understand an extended role for substrate oligomerization.
  • Laura I Francis (senior advisor) - provides needed guidance, insight, and general sanity.

Previous Lab Members

  • Nathan Colon, undergraduate (Spring 2010)/technican (Summer 2010), graduated 2010, BMB. - Current position: PREP program.
  • Laura I Francis, Ph.D. (postdoc 2010-2011) is now an instructor with the Biology Department here at UMass.
  • Keith Rood (Masters Student, BMB) has graduated - current position: Sasisekharan Lab at Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research (MIT).
  • Kamal Joshi (MCB) was a rotation student in the lab - Fall 2011.
  • Sid Advani (MCB) was a rotation student in the lab - Fall 2011.

Fun(ner) stuff

Group photo - MAAAARRRRTTTYYYYY!!!!! Maaaarty crop.jpg

Group photo - At Boston Bacterial Meeting - Summer 2011 AtBBM.jpg