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'''Lab Highlights''' <br>
'''Lab Highlights''' <br>
September 3, 2010. '''Claudine Mapa''' has received a Commonwealth College Research Fellowship.  Congratulations Claudine!! <br>
April 27, 2012. '''Marty Susskind''' presented his Capstone Work.  Congratulations Marty!! <br>
September 17, 2010.  '''Jing Liu''' and '''Keith Ballard''', both MCB graduate students, are rotating in the lab.  Welcome Jin and Keith! <br>
October 1, 2010.  '''Laura Francis''' has just joined the lab as a postdoctoral scholar.  Welcome Laura! <br>
December 24, 2010. '''Joanne Lau''' was just awarded a very competitive CBI Traineeship!  Huge Congratulations Joanne!<br>
May 3, 2011.  '''Patrick Stoddard''' was awarded an HHMI Summer Research Internship.  Congratulations Patrick! <br>
May 3, 2011.  '''Claudine Mapa''' was awarded a Jessica Hayes Scholarship for her academic achievements and service to the community.  Congrats Claudine! <br>
September 1, 2011.  '''Keith Rood''' was awarded his Masters for his thesis on adaptor mediated degradation by ClpXP.  We'll miss you Keith! <br>
September 1, 2011.  '''Laura Francis''' joined the UMass Biology Department as a lecturer.  Congratulations Laura - come by often! <br>
September 19, 2011. '''Kamal Kishore Jamal''', MCB student, is rotating in the lab for the Fall.  Welcome Kamal! <br>
September 19, 2011. '''Ying Zhang''' and '''Daniel DiCorpo''' are new undergraduates in the lab.  Welcome Ying and Daniel! <br>
September 19, 2011. '''Siddheshwari Advani''', MCB student, is rotating in the lab for the Fall.  Welcome Sid! <br>

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Welcome to the Chien lab at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

We are an interdisciplinary lab focused on understanding regulated protein degradation and quality control using biochemistry, structural biology and cell biology. Our primary approach is to use both molecular and cellular techniques to understand the mechanisms that lead to specific substrate processing during basic cellular events. We draw from several fields, including Microbiology and Biochemistry, and are always interested in enthusiastic students who are driven to understand fundamental biological questions. We are part of the MCB graduate program [1], the Chemistry-Biology Interface Program [2], and the Institute for Cellular Engineering [3] here at UMass. Please see the other links above for more detailed information, or feel free to email if you have questions that aren't addressed.

Lab Highlights
April 27, 2012. Marty Susskind presented his Capstone Work. Congratulations Marty!!