Chemical structures drawing software

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Avogadro screenshot
MarvinSketch screenshot
  • 3stars.png Avogadro free 3D cross-platform chemical drawing software
Comment: I had some stability issues w v1.0.3 on OS X but found the software very useful overall. The peptide inserter is a very nice feature. No 2D drawing.
  • MarvinSketch 2D/3D chemical drawing software; educational & commercial (Win/Unix/Mac)
Comment: very clean 2D drawing software but the licensing is obscure; still not sure whether my installation is a trial and if so for how long; no pricing information on the website whatsoever :-(
ISIS/Draw no longer available
successor Symyx, already itself superceded by Accelrys Draw
  • XDrawChem free 2D drawing software (Win/Unix/Mac)
Comment: simple yet neat little online tool to draw chemical structures