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==Next week==
==Next week==
Week 4 Readings<br>
Week 4 Readings<br>
*[http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PA-11-260.html NIH GPG]<br>
Tissue Engineering, Chapter 12
==Week after next==
==Week after next==

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Wiki pages: First round of signups is done, See the Wiki Schedule
Slides! Slides from lecture are posted in Documents

Student Created Wiki Pages

This is where we will hold all your created pages on Tissue Engineering
Here's where you can find the schedule of topics: Wiki Topics, Schedule
Here are the 2012 Pages to get you started.

Deadlines Update

  • No upcoming deadlines


Readings come from two texts: Tissue Engineering (Saltzman), Required Text
Molecular Biology of the Cell, 5th Edition, Optional Text (4th edition is on reserve at library)
Papers (uploaded on Documents)

This Week

Week 3 Readings

  • Tissue Engineering, Chapters 3&6
  • Papers for Lectures 5&6 in Documents

Next week

Week 4 Readings
Tissue Engineering, Chapter 12

Week after next

Past Weeks

Week 1 Readings

  • Sharp/Langer promoting convergence in Documents
  • Huebesch and Mooney, 2009 in Documents
  • Tissue Engineering, Chapters 1-4

Week 2 Readings

  • No readings for Lecture 3
  • Tissue Engineering 4.2, Papers (for Lecture 4) in Documents
  • Check the Wiki Schedule for extra credit slots

Old Announcements

Make sure to sign up for a wiki page. Sign up for 1 wiki page by end of the day, January 24th

Welcome to Tissue Engineering! First lecture is Tuesday, January 22nd, 4-5:15p in LGRC A201