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*Sharp/Langer promoting convergence in [[ChemEng590BDocs | Documents]]
*Sharp/Langer promoting convergence in [[ChemEng590BDocs | Documents]]
*Huebesch and Mooney, 2009 in [[ChemEng590BDocs | Documents]]
*Huebesch and Mooney, 2009 in [[ChemEng590BDocs | Documents]]
*Tissue Engineering, Chapters 1-3
*Tissue Engineering, Chapters 1-4
*Cadherin paper, Duguay, in [[ChemEng590BDocs | Documents]]
==Next week==
==Next week==

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Welcome to Tissue Engineering! First lecture is Tuesday, January 22nd, 4-5:15p in LGRC A201

Student Created Wiki Pages

This is where we will hold all your created pages on Tissue Engineering
Here's where you can find the schedule of topics: Wiki Topics, Schedule
Here are the 2012 Pages to get you started.

Deadlines Update

  • No upcoming deadlines


Readings come from two texts: Tissue Engineering (Saltzman), Required Text
Molecular Biology of the Cell, 5th Edition, Optional Text (4th edition is on reserve at library)
Papers (uploaded on Documents)

This Week

Week 1 Readings

  • Sharp/Langer promoting convergence in Documents
  • Huebesch and Mooney, 2009 in Documents
  • Tissue Engineering, Chapters 1-4

Next week

Week 2 Readings

Week after next

Week 3 Readings

Past Weeks

== Old Announcements ==