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Week 1

Tissue Engineering Chapters 1-4
External Reading: Sharp/Langer, Promoting Convergence pubmed link
External Reading: Huebsch and Mooney, Biomaterials pubmed link

Lecture Slides
Lecture 1 Slides
Lecture 2 Slides

Week 2

External Reading: Comprehensive stem cell review pubmed link

External Reading: HSC to hepatocyte differentiation pubmed link
External Reading: Transplanting HSCs pubmed link

External Reading: MSC differentiation potential pubmed link
External Reading: Engler, MSCs and stiffness pubmed link

Lecture Slides
Lecture 3 Slides
Lecture 4 Slides

anything below here hasn't been updated for 2013 yet

Week 8

Lecture 12, 3/13:
Collective cell migration review IBiol link
Individual vs collective migration JCB link

Week 7

Lecture 11, 3/8:
See your lecture slides!

Week 6

Lecture 8, 2/28:
Patterned RGDs Wiley link
Engineered surfaces review pubmed link
biphasic migration pubmed link
microfluidics pubmed link

Lecture 9, 3/1:
first stiffness/migration paper pubmed link
gradients and stiffness ACS link
biphasic migration and stiffness pubmed link
3D stiffness in collagen pubmed link
3D scaffold stiffness pubmed link
3D matrigel stiffness PNAS link

Week 5

External Reading: Patterning of growth factors pubmed link
External Reading: Modeling Interstitial flow pubmed link
External Reading: Chemotaxis assays review pubmed link
External Reading: Chemotaxis and directed migration pubmed link

Week 4

External Reading: All are ECM and cancer 1: pubmed link
2: pubmed link
3: pubmed link

Week 3

External Reading: Self-assembled monolayers pubmed link
External Reading: adhesion and stem cell differentiation pubmed link
External Reading: cell size and death pubmed link

Week 2

External Reading: ESCs from blastocysts pubmed link
External Reading: ESCs from blastocysts, 2 pubmed link
External Reading: Geron's ESC-to-oligodendrocyte pubmed link

External Reading: Seminal iPSC paper pubmed link