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Chandra Lab
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Computational Resources



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  1. Numerical Recipes in C
  2. Introduction to Bioinformatics
  3. Let us C
  4. Beginning PERL for Bioinformatics
  5. Numerical Recipes Example Book [C], 2e
  6. PERL 5 by example
  7. Indian Medicinal Plants Vol I
  8. Indian Medicinal Plants Vol II
  9. Indian Medicinal Plants Vol III
  10. Indian Medicinal Plants Vol IV
  11. Indian Medicinal Plants Vol V
  12. Using CGI 2e
  13. CGI Programming on the World Wide Web
  14. Microbiology
  15. Immunology
  16. Introduction to Algorithms
  17. Randomized Algorithms
  18. Introduction to Mathematics for Life Scientists
  19. Unix Power Tools
  20. Numerical Analysis
  21. Combinatorics
  22. Cell Biology
  23. Introduction to BioStatistics
  24. University General Chemistry
  25. Review of Medical Physiology
  26. Organic Chemistry
  27. Biochemistry
  28. Biological Sciences
  29. Molecular Biology of the Gene
  30. Molecular Cell Biology
  31. Molecular Biology of the Cell
  32. The Serendipity Machine
  33. The Complete Home Medical Reference — Anatomica
  34. New Ideas in Optimisation
  35. Genomic Perl
  36. Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology
  37. Metabolic engineering: Principles and Methodologies ISBN:0126662606
  38. Pathway Analysis and Optimization in Metabolic Engineering, ISBN:0521800382
  39. Metabolic Engineering, ISBN:082477390X
  40. Tuberculosis and the Tubercle Bacillus, ISBN:1555812953
  41. Technological and Medical Implications of Metabolic Control Analysis, ISBN:079236189X
  42. Spectroscopy
  43. Algorithms on Strings, Trees and Sequences
  44. Image Processing