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Chan Lab

Department of Plant Biology at UC Davis

Please email Simon if you would like the pdf file:

Centromeres and chromosome inheritance:

Haploid plants produced by centromere-mediated genome elimination
Ravi, M. and Chan, S.W.L.
Nature, 464, 615-618 (2010)

DNA methylation and gene silencing:

Accurate sodium bisulfite sequencing in plants
Henderson, I.R., Chan, S.R., Cao, X., Johnson. L and Jacobsen, S.E.
Epigenetics, 5, 47-49 (2010)

Inputs and outputs for chromatin-targeted RNAi
Chan, S.W.L.
Trends in Plant Sciences 13, 383-9 (2008) [review article]

Two-step recruitment of RNA-directed DNA methylation to tandem repeats.
Chan, S.W.L., Zhang, X.Y., Bernatavichute, Y.V. and Jacobsen, S.E.
PLoS Biology 4 No. 11 e363 (2006)

Increased outcrossing in hothead mutants.
Peng P., Chan, S.W.L., Shah, G.A. and Jacobsen, S.E.
Nature 443, E8 (2006)

Genome-wide High-Resolution Mapping and Functional Analysis of DNA Methylation in Arabidopsis.
Zhang, X.*, Yazaki, J.*, Sundaresan, A.*, Cokus, S.*, Chan, S.W.L., Chen, H., Henderson, I.R., Shinn, P., Pellegrini, M., Jacobsen, S.E., and Ecker, J.R.
Cell 126, 1189-1201 (2006)

An ARGONAUTE4-containing nuclear processing center co-localized with Cajal bodies in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Li, C.F., Pontes, O., El-Shami, M., Henderson, I.R., Bernatavichute, Y.V., Chan, S.W.L., Lagrange, T., Pikaard, C.S. and Jacobsen, S.E.
Cell 126, 93-106 (2006)

RNAi, DRD1 and Histone Methylation Actively Target Developmentally Important Non-CG DNA Methylation in Arabidopsis.
Chan, S.W.L., Henderson, I.R., Zhang, X.Y., Chien, J.S.C., Shah, G. and Jacobsen, S.E.
PLoS Genetics 2, No. 6 e83 (2006)

Gardening the genome: DNA methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Chan, S.W.L.*, Henderson, I.R.* and Jacobsen, S.E.
Nature Reviews Genetics 6, 351-360 (2005) [review article]

Applications of DNA tiling arrays for whole-genome analysis.
Mockler, T.C., Chan, S., Sundaresan A., Chen, H., Jacobsen S.E. and Ecker, J.R.
Genomics 85, 1-15 (2005) [review article]

siRNA-induced transcriptional gene silencing in human cells.
Morris, K.V., Chan, S.W.L., Jacobsen, S.E. and Looney, D.J.
Science 305, 1289-1292 (2004)

RNA silencing genes control de novo DNA methylation.
Chan, S.W.L., Zilberman D., Xie, Z., Johansen, L.K., Carrington, J.C. and Jacobsen, S.E.
Science 303, 1336 (2004)

Telomeres and telomerase:

Telomeres and telomerase.
Chan, S.R.W.L. and Blackburn, E.H.
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B 359, 109-121 (2004)

Telomerase and ATM/Tel1p protect telomeres from non-homologous end-joining.
Chan, S.W.L. and Blackburn, E.H.
Molecular Cell 11, 1379-1387 (2003)

New ways not to make ends meet: telomerase, DNA damage proteins and heterochromatin.
Chan, S.W.L. and Blackburn, E.H.
Oncogene 21, 553-563 (2002) [review article]

Altering telomere structure allows telomerase to act in yeast lacking ATM kinases.
Chan, S.W.L., Chang, J., Prescott, J. and Blackburn, E.H.
Current Biology 11, 1240-1250 (2001)

Molecular manifestations and molecular determinants of telomere capping.
Blackburn, E.H., Chan, S., Chang, J., Fulton, T.B., Krauskopf, A., McEachern, M., Prescott, J., Roy, J., Smith, C. and Wang, H.
Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology, 65, 253-263 (2000)

note: * denotes equal contribution