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Part 1 of the lab was to observe the characteristics of the volvocine chlamydomonas, gonium, and volvox. Gonium - contained 2 cells and were about 12.5um contained flagellum for movement Volvox - contained 6 cells and was 300um Chlamydomonas - contained about 500 cells and contained flagellum for movement and a chloroplast

Part 2 of the lab was to observe a certain transect located on American University and note the characteristics. Transect 5 Characteristics Location - In front of Hurst in Eric Friedheim Quadrangle. Topography - The land is generally flat with grass and concrete. There is a mound where the soil is piled up under the bush. Biotic factors - grass, bushes, bugs, weeds Abiotic factors - concrete, stones, bench, rocks, sign, soil, litter, leaves

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