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This category is used for Andy Maloney's dissertation pages.

I have some suggestions for the process of the Open Dissertation itself. After all, this is not only new scientific research experiments, but an experiment on Open Science itself at the same time.

1) Have MAIN area called "Dissertation". I guess it should be this one. Here, explaining the idea of an open dissertation, linking to all the chapters, numbered. Have an area where discussion about Open Dissertations can happen in general, and to your own in particular. Things like formatting, questions about its relationship to the old-style dissertations, etc could go here..

2) In this area where you explain why you are doing the open dissertation, explain also what you need from the community. Some simple instructions, links, etc would attract more people to help you out with this Open Science experiment.

3) Most of the time I don't want to edit the dissertation, I prefer to write comments and question about your dissertation, kind of like the red markings. Do you suggest any mechanisms for this? Any specific formatting recommended? Please, let me know what is the best for you.

All these would help many people in the Open Science community to make this open dissertation the way to do dissertations.


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