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Carrico Lab at Stony Brook

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General, Stony Brook University

Carrico Research Group

Stony Brook University

Chemistry Department

Institute of Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery

Facilities, Stony Brook University

DNA Sequencing Facility

Proteomics Center

USB Research Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Cell Culture/Hybridoma Facility

Bioinformatics Facility

Molecular Cloning Service Facility Core

Tank Gas Program


National Center for Biotechnology Information DNA and protein sequence database

Basic Local Alignment Search Tool Sequence Alignment

Protein Data Bank Protein Structure Database

ExPASy Proteomics Server Protein sequence and structure analysis

PyMOL Protein structure viewing application

Swiss-PdbViewer Protein structure viewing application


Beckman Coulter Centrifuge Rotor Calculations

Literature, Stony Brook University

Chemistry Library

Health Sciences Library

Stony Brook Library