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Carlton Lab at iCeMS, Kyoto University カールトン研究室 - Carlton Lab


Kyoto University, iCeMS

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Lab overview

Fluorescence microscopy is incredibly selective, allowing the visualization of a few specific kinds of biomolecules among the thousands present in the cell. However, due to the diffraction of light waves, its resolution has until recently been limited to roughly half the wavelength of emitted light, between 220-350 nanometers. Recently, methods have been developed which break the diffraction limit, and provide unprecedented visual detail of subcellular complexes. Using several of these methods we are investigating the structure and dynamic behavior of chromosomes, with the ultimate goal of understanding the activity and transmission of the genome. We are particularly interested in understanding how the structure and dynamics of meiotic chromosomes are regulated to enable the essential events (pairing, synapsis, recombination, segregation) of meiosis.