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W. Zacheus Cande, Principal Investigator
Inna Golubovskaya, Visiting Scientist
Identification & characterization of maize meiotic mutants.
Lisa Harper, Scientist
Correlation of the genetic & physical maps of maize.
Recombination in maize

Rachel Wang, Postdoctoral Fellow
Single copy FISH
Characterization of maize meiotic mutants

Grace Jeong, Graduate Student
Histone modifications in maize

Marianne Poxleitner, Postdoctoral Fellow
Encystation and meiosis genes in Giardia intestinalis

Alex Paredez, Postdoctoral Fellow
The actin cytoskeleton in Giardia intestinalis
Meredith Carpenter, Graduate Student
Encystation and the cytoskeleton in Giardia intestinalis
Lillian Fritz-Laylin, Graduate Student
Basal body formation in Naegleria gruberi
Xie Tang, Postdoctoral Fellow
Telomere clustering in fission yeast

Fei Li, Postdoctoral Fellow
Heterochromatin in fission yeast

Joel Mancuso, Electron Microscopy Expert
EM of Giardia intestinalis