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=='''My Favorites'''==
1. [http://www.dayah.com/periodic Periodic Table] <br>
2. [http://yfaat.ch.huji.ac.il/jaguar-help/manTOC.html Jaguar User Manual] <br>
3. [http://www.chem.cmu.edu/courses/09-560/docs/msi/builder/buildersTOC.fm.html Cerius2 Builder Manual] <br>
=='''Scientific Societies'''==
=='''Scientific Societies'''==
1. [http://www.aip.org The American Institute of Physics] <br>
1. [http://www.aip.org The American Institute of Physics] <br>

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My Favorites

1. Periodic Table
2. Jaguar User Manual
3. Cerius2 Builder Manual

Scientific Societies

1. The American Institute of Physics
2. The American Chemical Society
3. The American Physical Society
4. The Materials Research Society
5. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers
6. The Society of Plastics Engineers
7. The Society of Dyers and Colorants
8. The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists

Molecular Modeling

1. Large-scale Atomic/Molecular Massively Parallel Simulator (LAMMPS)
2. THE DL_POLY_2 USER MANUAL (including many algorithms)
3. Users' Guide to the Monte Carlo Program MMC for Computer Simulation of Molecular Solutions
4. Modeling Biological Macromolecules
5. Welcome to the Soft Material Modelling Group
6. Materials and Process Simulation Center
7. Virtual MSC Applets
8. Theoretical Biophysics Group
9. MatHub
10. The Foundations of Computational Chemistry And Material Science
11. Computational Chemistry List
12. The Chemical Structure Association
13. Molecular Simulation Incorporation
14. NIH Center for Molecular Modeling
15. Molecular Modeling Homepage (Dep. Chem. in University of Maine)
16. Molecular Modelling for Organic Chemistry
17. Computational Chemistry (Dep. Chem. in University of Minnesota)

Molecular Modeling Resources

1. GAMESS (ab initio MO Calculation Software)
2. Babel (A Molecular Structure Information Interchange Hub)
3. Molden
4. A Library of software on MD, MC, lattice statics and dynamics
5. The codes in "Computer Simulation of Liquids(Allen & Tildesley)"
6. gOpenMol
7. PovChem (converts PDB file to pov format file)
8. Povray (produces graphic file for mpeg animation)
9. " ISIS/Draw
10. Chime


1. Periodic Table of Elements
2. Multimedia Chemistry, University of California, San Diego (by Kent Wilson)
3. Hypermedia Chemistry, Virginia Tech (by Brian Tissue)
4. NIST Chemistry WebBook
5. NIST Database
6. Center for Computational Quantum Chemistry (The university of Georgia)
7. Quantum Chemistry Lab in Kaist
8. Basis sets order form for Quantum Chemistry
9. Chemical Health & Safety Data
10. Toxicology Data Management System (TDMS)
11. Chemweb
12. Chemwave
13. Merck
14. Sigma-Aldrich
15. Imperial Chemical Industries
16. WWW Chemical Network
17. ChemConnect


1. Physics Laboratory in NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology)
2. Particle-Surface Resources on the Internet


1. Chemport
2. Wiley-VCH
3. ScienceDirect
4. ChemConnect
5. Journals of American Chemical Society
6. Journals of American Institute of Physics
7. Journals of American Physical Society
8. Internet Journal of Chemistry

Chemistry/Physics In Linux

1. Linux Documentation Project
2. Cygwin
3. Scientific Applications on Linux
4. General Information on Linux

Parallel Computation in Science

1. SP Parallel Programming Workshop: message passing interface (mpi)
2. Beginner's Guide to Using MPI (MPICH) at ASU
3. High Performance Computational Chemistry Using Parallel PC Clusters: An Introduction to Beowulf Clusters for Chemists
4. The Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard
5. Beowulf Projects at CESDIS
6. SCL Cluster Cookbook

Materials Science

1. Basic Concepts offered by the University of Missouri-Rolla
2. The Dep. of Polym. Sci. & Polym. Eng. in the University of Akron
3. Glossary of basic terms in Polymer Science
4. PolyContent & PolyLinks
5. Polysort: search engine for nevigating commercial polymer websites
6. Structure of Ceramic Materials

Miscellaneous Sites Of Interest

1. Numerical Recipe
2. Unit Conversion
3. Unit Conversion