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*Erik Fernandez, Chemical Engineering <br />
Erik Fernandez, Chemical Engineering <br />
===Other faculty===
Jason Papin, Biomedical Engineering <br />
Ron Bauerle, Biology <br />
Brianne Ray
<br />
<br />
George McArthur <br />
*[[USER:GMcArthurIV| George McArthur]] <br />
Kevin Hershey <br />
*[[USER:KPHershey| Kevin Hershey]] <br />
Amy Schell <br />
*[[USER:Patrick Gildea| Patrick Gildea]] <br />
Ranjan Khan <br />
*Dan Tarjan <br />
Emre Ruhi <br />
*George Washington <br />
Dan Tarjan <br />
*[[USER:Eyad Lababidi| Eyad Lababidi]] <br />
George Washington <br />
*Brandon Freshcorn
Patrick Gildea <br />
Eyad Lababidi <br />
Brandon Freshcorn <br />

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  • Erik Fernandez, Chemical Engineering