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Your score for these 500 pts in the course will be the average of your score for each topic that you present over the course of the semester.

1st Week: Initial presentation of topic

  • Wiki page (250 total pts)
    • Sources (50 pts) - How appropriate are the scientific papers and other sources that were chosen for discussion?
      • Sources should generally be comprehensive, recent, important, or classic papers. Research until you find the key paper, not just any paper.
      • Often these will be in high profile journals (Science, Nature, PNAS for primary sources and Annual Reviews or Nature Reviews for review articles) or they might be highly cited papers, which you can check using Web of Science.
    • Content (120 pts) - Does the page summarize the important issues and points in the sources?
    • Formatting (30 pts) - Was Wiki markup used effectively to make the page understandable. Were useful figures included in the page?
    • Synthesis and evaluation (50 pts) - How well does the page synthesize the major topics discussed in the papers and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a technique, part, or system?
  • Presentation (150 pts)
    • Organization (100 pts) - Does the presentation concisely communicate the key points and add addition details to the content on the web pages?
    • Responses to questions (50 pts) - How well does the speaker show that they have a mastery of the topic?

Total 400 pts

2nd Week: Follow-up edits and presentation of topic

  • Response to comments and discussion on talk pages (30 pts) - Were effective answers, guided by extra research if needed, provided in response to conversations started on the talk pages of the topic?
  • Written updates to pages (50 pts) - Were there updates to address weaknesses of the pages or requests for further information in response to comments?
  • Oral presentation (20 pts) - Does the presenter concisely describe their important edits to the rest of the class?

Total 100 pts