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Final Project

  • Background and Motivation
    • Describe the big picture technological, scientific, or societal impact of your project.
    • State of the art: What has been done to tackle this problem before?
    • Where did the biological parts you are using come from?
    • How have these parts been used before in synthetic biology?
  • Methods
    • Exactly how will you get the required genes, strains, and plasmids?
    • What DNA sequences will you construct? How will you construct them? Be specific down to the level of creating a flowchart describing the oligonucleotide sequences, PCR reactions, cloning reactions, etc., you would use.
    • How will you test your constructs? What are the expected results?
    • How can you troubleshoot failed experiments? Are there alternative approaches to the same final goal?

Your group will be given an opportunity to respond to comments and revise the written part of the project after the final presentation.

Group effort (200 pts)

Individual effort (100 pts)

Total (300 pts)