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List reagents, supplies and equipment necessary to perform the protocol here.  For those materials which have their own OWW pages, link to that page.  Alternatively, links to the suppliers' page on that material are also appropriate.
*Standard PCR machine, tubes
*Standard PCR machine, tubes*Qiagen Taq with Q-solution
*Qiagen Taq with Q-solution
*[[http://www1.qiagen.com/Products/Pcr/TaqSystem/TaqDnaPolymerase.aspx|Qiagen Taq Polymerase Kit with Q-solution]]
*A small yeast colony
*A small yeast colony
*0.02M NaOH
*0.02M NaOH (3uL per reaction)

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This is a quick and easy yeast colony PCR protocol that does not require zymolyase step.



  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
    • Step 2 has some additional information that goes with it. i.e. Keep at 4°C.
  3. Step 3
    1. Step 3 has multiple sub-steps within it.
    2. Enumerate each of those.


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