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==Lab Announcements==
==Lab Announcements==
====November 25, 2007====
====November 25, 2007====
New website is up! [http://biopoets.berkeley.edu | http://biopoets.berkeley.edu]
New website is up! [http://biopoets.berkeley.edu http://biopoets.berkeley.edu]

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BioPOETS Lab Wiki
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In memory of Dean Richard Newton

Welcome to the BioPOETS Wiki! For information about our group and our current research projects, visit our Lab Website. This wiki is intended as a repository for lab policies, equipment manuals, and experimental procedures. We hope that this information will benifit not only our lab members but also the greater bioengineering community.

If you are a BioPOETS lab member, please feel free to create an account and contribute!

Lab Announcements

November 25, 2007

New website is up! http://biopoets.berkeley.edu