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'''Welcome to the Biophysics Lab at Uniandes'''
'''Welcome to the Biophysics Lab at Uniandes'''[[image:UAndes.jpg|100px]

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Welcome to the Biophysics Lab at Uniandes[[image:UAndes.jpg|100px]


Chad Leidy, Physics Department
Manu Forero, Physics Department
Juan M. Pedraza, Physics Department


Jackson Ocampo, Lab. technician & Researcher, Physics Department
Nicolás Afanador, Researcher, Physics Department
Andres Ernesto Mejia, Researcher, Physics Department
Natalia Rodriguez, Researcher, Physics Department

Senior Graduate Students

Ivan Adolfo Rey Suarez, Physics Department
Jose Luis Alejo Amaya , Physics Department
Diego Alejandro Ramirez Diaz, Physics Department
Nathaly Melina Marin Medina, Physics Department
Dilia E. Rangel, Physics Department
Elizabeth Suesca Sanchez, Physics Department

New Graduate Students

Julian Giraldo , Physics Department
Manuel Florez, Physics Department
Paula Santisteban, Physics Department
Luis Alejandro Mahecha Gonzalez, Physics Department
Molkary Lopez , Physics Department

Undergraduate Students and volunteers

David Camilo Duran Chaparro
Alexandra Pinto Castellanos
Jorge Luis Romero Becerra
Andres Felipe Valderrama Aguilera
Susana Marcela Simancas Giraldo

Past Members

Maier Avendaño, Graduate Student at Harvard Systems Biology

Systems Biology

Project 1
Project 2
Project 3

Molecular Mechanics

Project 1
Project 2
Project 3

Membrane Biophysics

Project 1
Project 2
Project 3

Official Webpage:

Join us!

Prospective Students
Prospective Researchers

Contact Us

Biophysics Laboratory
Physics Department
Q building - Labs Q-401 and Q-505
University of the Andes
Carrera 1 N° 18A - 12 Bogotá, Colombia
Tel: +571 3394949 - +571 3394999

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