Biomolecular Breadboards:Protocols

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Cell-free circuit breadboard

The following protocols are available for the cell-free circuit breadboard:

Cost estimate

The cell-free circuit breadboard costs approximately 2.64 cents per uL, or 31.7 cents per 12 uL reaction. The cost distribution is shown in the table below.

Component Material price per

μL of reaction

Labor price per

μL of reaction

Total price per

μL of reaction

Total price per

12 μL reaction

E. coli crude extract 0.45 cents 0.62 cents 1.07 cents 12.84 cents
Amino acids 0.21 cents 0.03 cents 0.24 cents 2.93 cents
3-PGA 0.39 cents 0.94 cents 1.33 cents 15.96 cents
Total price 1.05 cents 1.6 cents 2.64 cents 31.7 cents

For a more detailed cost estimate, please see Breadboard Cost Estimate.

Cycle Time Analysis