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This page contains a description of the DNA parts used for the biomolecular breadboards. These parts will be submitted to [1] (eventually).

Control Plasmid: pBEST-OR2-OR1-Pr-UTR1-deGFP-T500

This section contains a description of the deGFP control plasmid for the cell-free expression breadboard.

PBEST OR2 OR1 Pr UTR-deGFP-T500.png

Plasmid description

P70 Lambda phage promoter OR2-OR1-Pr specific to E. coli σ70 GenBank: J02459.1
UTR1 The untranslated region containing the T7 g10 leader sequence for highly efficient translation initiation GenBank: M35614.1
deGFP The enhanced green fluorescent protein truncated and modified in N- and C- terminal Shin, J., and Noireaux, V. (2010) Efficient cell-free expression with the endogenous E. Coli RNA polymerase and sigma factor 70, J Biol Eng 4, 8.
T500 Transcription terminator for E. coli RNA polymerase Larson, M. H., Greenleaf, W. J., Landick, R., and Block, S. M. (2008) Applied force reveals mechanistic and energetic details of transcription termination, Cell 132, 971-982.

Preliminary data

Using pBEST-OR2-OR1-Pr-UTR1-deGFP-T500, a plasmid enhanced for GFP expression, the biomolecular breadboard is able to express mass at equal concentrations to comparable bacteriophage in-vitro systems (J. Shin and V. Noireaux, 2010).

Expression of plasmids can be optimized by concentration.

Plasmid sat.png

  • Raw data file: plasmid_deGFP-070812.xls (Excel spreadsheet)
  • Information about protocol on "Outline" sheet; plotted data is on the sheet "plotted-data"

Figure 1. eGFP expression as a function of plasmid DNA template. Plasmid DNA pBEST-OR2-OR1-Pr-UTR1-deGFP-T500 is varied by concentration.