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  • <a href="#Acknowledgement">1 Acknowledgement</a>
  • <a href="#References">2 References</a>
    • <a href="#DNA-walker">2.1 DNA-walker</a>
    • <a href="#HCR">2.2 HCR</a>
    • <a href="#Origami">2.3 Origami</a>



We are very grateful for Professor Yingjin Yuan, Professor Wei Li, and our instructure Bingzhi Li and Hao Song.They provided us with generous guidance and research resources.


Main References


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  • NIR CARMI, SHAMEELAH R. BALKHI, AND RONALD R. BREAKER Cleaving DNA with DNA Biochemistry Vol. 95, pp. 2233–2237, March 1998



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