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Reactions in containers

The frontiers of science are being pushed in the form of measurement of chemical systems in small spaces. This is very important as many small-space situations exist in nature, specifically within cells. Understanding these reactions is essential for comparison with biological systems, as they carry out their tasks in spaces with incredibly small volume.

The study of the kinetics of chemical reactions in confined spaces has received relatively little attention. Most of the studies reported in literature describe simple reactions in liposome membranes. However, the use of containers with more mechanical stability allow a greater variety of reactions to take place.

Simulation based on Brownian diffusion models including a single enzyme and substrate molecule confined in a vesicle shows that the collision frequencies between the molecules, as well as the collision frequency between the molecule and the wall depend strongly on the size of the vesicle. [ref 16 tesis block copolymer] Therefore, the biochemical reactivity of the encapsulated molecules may be affected by interactions with the container surface and confinement of the containers.

Finally, from an application point of view, studies of the reaction kinetics in restricted or confined spaces can help in designing new nanosystems to carry out efficient catalytic processes. [ref 18-20 tesis block copolymer].

HRP encapsulation

Comellas-Aragonès et al (2007) reported the encapsulation and enzymatic activity of the enzyme HRP into the interior of CCMV. Taking advantage of the capsid reversible autoassembly mechanism, the enzyme was introduced inside the structure.

The enzymatic conversion of dihydrorhodamine 6G (s) to rhodamine 6G allowed

===NP synthesis in containers===