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DNA screw

We will make a rotating motor shaped a cylinder, DNA screw. DNA screw consists of a cylinder and a ring, both of which are made of DNA. Rotation move is exploited from DNA walker which advance in a certain one direction by cutting a DNA footing with DNAzyme. The ring is connected with DNA walker, and on the surface of the cylinder DNA footings are set out with a spiral line.
If this DNA screw is realized, it would be possible to make a hole on the surface of a vesicle like rotating a screw by connecting the ring to a vesicle with cholesterol. Also, by fixing the cylinder and rotating a ring attached with some DNA strands, it would be possible to make a propeller, which would be useful to make a DNA structure moving like a submarine and transporting some materials. Moreover, we consider that by combining this submarine with DNA screw and another sensor consisting of DNAs, the function of chemotaxis that microbes have would be created only with DNAs


  • Home : Abstract, Description of Menu
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  • Project : Background, Overview of Project, Vision for the Future
    • Description of meaning and overall flow of project
  • Design : Cylinder, DNA Spider, Rotating Ring, Cylinder Motor
    • Design and structures of each part of Cylinder Motor
  • Expriment : Method, Results, Discussion
  • Supplementation : Raw data, References
    • Now we are under experiments and above 2 contents will come after experiments.
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