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* [[Biomod/2013/Komaba/Team|'''Team''']] : Team Information, Members, Episodes
* [[Biomod/2013/Komaba/Team|'''Team''']] : Team Information, Members, Episodes
** Introductions of our team
** Introductions of our team
* [[Biomod/2013/Komaba/Journal|""Journal""]]: Members' Diary

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DNA screw

The Komaba team will develop a new molecular motor based on DNA origami. Our new motor, which we named DNA Screw, has a rotary movement using a cylinder and a ring made of DNA strands. The rotary movement is exploited from DNA walkers which advance in a certain direction by cutting a DNA footing with DNAzyme. The ring is connected to DNA walker, and on the surface of the cylinder, DNA footings are set in a spiral line. DNA Screw is more stable and easier to operate than other biomolecular motor like kinesin, because it is "artificial" products of "DNA material". Therefore this technology will greatly contribute to the practical realization of tricky movement of biomolecular-machine. We are, in particular, aiming to make a DNA structure from the idea of this screw which moves like a submarine and transports some materials. Moreover, the function of chemotaxis which microbes obtain would be created only with DNAs by controlling this DNA submarine with sensors made by DNA Origami, and this is a giant step toward creating fully autonomous DNA robots.


  • Home : Abstract, Description of Menu
    • The page which you are watching just now
  • Project : Background, Overview of Project, Vision for the Future
    • Description of meaning and overall flow of project
  • Design : Cylinder, DNA Spider, Rotating Ring, Cylinder Motor
    • Design and structures of each part of Cylinder Motor
  • Experiment : Method, Results, Discussion
  • Supplementation : Raw data, References
    • Now we are under experiments and above 2 contents will come after experiments.
  • Team : Team Information, Members, Episodes
    • Introductions of our team