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=This study=

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  • Recent years, the technology of DNA origami is attracting keen interest in the synthesis of various nanostructures has been reported. If we integrate movable structures in a DNA origami various applications such as molecular detection device, molecular motor device, drug delivery system are expected. However, only a few examples of such a movable system have been reported so far,   the synthesis of DNA origami in larger amount is not so easy that in is unrealistic to make the macroscopic-scale device which output or input the macroscopic signal such as a mechanical and one only with DNA origami. Therefore in this study, we tried to fabricate the device in which an inorganic porous substrate is combined with DNA origami. We synthesize the “DNA weathercock” which has a shaft, a blade, and a fluorescence molecule made of DNA origami. We then attach the weathercock onto the inorganic porous substrate (anodizing alumina) with regularly arranged perpendicular pores, so that the weathercock can freely rotate. We incorporate fluorescence   molecules on to a part of the substrate, so that the device emit fluorescence only when the liquid on the substrate flows along a specific direction.





This study