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(DNA Tablet)
(DNA tablet without covers:)
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[[Image:Biomod_2012_UTokyo_UT-Komaba_tablet-desing.png‎|center|480px|border|Design of DNA tablet]]
[[Image:Biomod_2012_UTokyo_UT-Komaba_tablet-desing.png‎|center|480px|border|Design of DNA tablet]]
===DNA tablet without covers:===
===DNA tablet without covers===

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Goals and Achievements

Biomod 2012 UTokyo UT-Komaba achievement.png

DNA Origami

Original DNA Origami

We confirmed that DNA origami structures weren't destroyed by the environment of the bistable system.

AFM Image of Origami with BSA
AFM Image of Origami with Enzymes

Modified DNA Origami

AFM Image of Modified Origami

AFM confirmed that the modified Origami with covers worked well. (You can see lines on the origami.)

Bistable System

The Result of the Experiment of the Bistable System

This graph shows the status of the bistable system over time. In this experiment, we tried to switch the state twice. As you can see, the first trial succeeded in reversing the concentration of X and V, changing the state. However, the second trial failed. We need to do more experiments to solve this problem.

DNA Tablet

We designed the DNA tablet and observed two pictures using AFM.

Design of DNA tablet

DNA tablet without covers


"I love DNA"


Unfortunately this image is not clear. But you can see that there is "I", the love heart, the ring of "D", and the partial shape of "A".

"Tablet Boy"

Tablet Boy

This image is not also clear. There seems a square and some parts of Tablet boy's body.