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<img src="" align="middle"> <h5>We are the BIOMOD-Team of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich</h5>

<h3>News:</h3> <ul>

 <li>August 22nd: We started working again, the site is going to be updated and revamped in the coming days, stay very tuned!
<li>July 20th: The website wasn't updated the last weeks because of exams and thesis writing. We will start uploading our current results as soon as possible
 <li>June 10th: We are now working on the open and close mechanism of our container
 <li>May 17th: We took our first pictures with the TEM (transmission electron microscope). They will be uploaded soon.
 <li>May 14th: First wiki page is online

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Timon Funck

Aleksej Belizki

Ralf Weidner

Verena Schüller

Prof. Tim Liedl