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While the [[Biomod/2011/Caltech/DeoxyriboNucleicAwesome/Project|overall project]] is the sorting of cargos on origami, we expected verification of all of the mechanisms would take longer than one summer.  Therefore, this summer was spent verifying two aspects of the project:
# Verifying that the proposed mechanisms work when the strands are free-floating in solution (i.e. not bound to origami).
# Verifying that the random walking mechanism works as intended on origami.
= Progress =
==Verification of Overall Mechanisms in Solution==
Our progress over summer can be divided up to three categories as below.
===Gel Verification===
=====1. System Design=====
:''Main article: [[Biomod/2011/Caltech/DeoxyriboNucleicAwesome/Progress/System Design|System Design]]''
This gel tests the ability of the walker to bind to its
=====2. Theoretical Analysis=====
tracks and the walker triggering mechanism.
:''Main article: [[Biomod/2011/Caltech/DeoxyriboNucleicAwesome/Progress/Theoretical Simulation|Theoretical Analysis]]''
Lane 1: W; 2: TR1; 3: TR2; 4: WI; 5: WT; 6: W + TR1 → (W-TR1); 7:
W + TR2 → (W-TR2); 8: W + WI → (W-WI); 9: WI + WT → (WI-WT);
10: W + TR1 + WI → (W-TR1-WI); 11: (W-WI-TR1) + WT → (W-TR1)
+ (WI-WT).
===SPEX Verification===
==Verification of Random Walking Mechanism on Origami==
===SPEX Verification===
===AFM Verification===
=====3. Experimental Results=====
:''Main article: [[Biomod/2011/Caltech/DeoxyriboNucleicAwesome/Progress/Experimental Results|Experimental Results]]''

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Our progress over summer can be divided up to three categories as below.

1. System Design
Main article: System Design
2. Theoretical Analysis
Main article: Theoretical Analysis
3. Experimental Results
Main article: Experimental Results