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Open review on-line, a new model in publishing conference abstracts.

I wanted to start a discussion about whether OWW could be used for people to edit their abstracts that they submit to the conference [ BioSysBio/Young Bioinformaticians' Forum] that I'm involved with (Manchester 2007). I anticipate if it were used then about 150 accounts would need to be created and abstracts could be submitted under a namespace like BioSysBio. It could work like this, we have a submission deadline, then an open review session using the wiki to communicate with people about their abstracts, then we have a second submission where delegates submit their final version. (this would then go on to be published, or a selection of the total). I think it would be great for people to submit an abstract and then for it to go through open review on OWW. It would be a test of a new model in publishing. It would also allow people to link to extra material, perhaps unlimited extra material. Whilst only the front page would be published, on-line would be a whole bunch of background on the topic.

I think it would also be good exposure for OWW, as once people see how easy it is, they might move their lab page onto the site.

Please let me know what you think of the idea, --Johncumbers 01:34, 27 March 2006 (EST)