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The BioMicro Center will be sponsoring the Technology Seminar Series again in 2013/14. As before, we have invited the companies to send their scientists to speak with us.


Company Date Speaker Title
WAFERGEN September 17th, 2013. 68-181 Michael Vishnevetsky, Ph.D. The Wafergen Smartchip System
Enabling Targeted Sequencing with SmartChip TE Target Enrichment System
CLONTECH October 23, 2013. 68-180
ADVANCED ANALYTICAL November 5, 2013. 68-180
EPICENTER December 16, 2013. 68-181


Company Date Speaker Title
TECAN September 27th, 2011 Jeff Kent, Liquid Handling Engineer Scientific Challenges: Robotic Solutions
Agilent October 4, 2011 Dr. Iman KIshawi, Field Scientific Manager-Clinical Genomics Cancer-Specific CGH+SNP Microarrays
DIAGENODE November 15th, 2011 Dr. Ignacio Mazon Automating Epigenetic Assays: Generating high-resolution ChIP and MeDIP profiles using the SX-8G IP-Star Compact System
Roche December 6th, 2011 Dr. Andrea L. LaFont, Field Applications Specialist LightCycler 480 Application Introduction: High Resolution Melting and Thermal Shift Analysis
AFFYMETRIX February 28th, 2012 Chad Dow, Application Scientist A New Approach to Comprehensive Gene Expression Analysis: The Affymetrix Human Transcriptome Array
FLUIDIGM March 20, 2012 Dr, Pedja Sekaric, Application Scientist The Power of Microfluidics: Enabling Genetics and Genomics Research
TBA April, 2012 TBA TBA


Date Company Date Company
Sep 13 Nanostring Nov 1 Roche
Sep 20 Beckman-Coulter Nov 8 BioBase
Sep 27 NuGEN Nov 15 Agilent
Oct 4 Fluidigm Nov 22
Oct 11 Columbus Day Nov 29
Oct 18 Affymetrix Dec 6 GeneGO
Oct 25 Tecan