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The BioMicro Center will be sponsoring the Technology Seminar Series again in 2011. This year we will be a little different with seminars on a monthly basis and continuing for the whole academic year. Seminars will be at noon on TUESDAYS. As before, we have invited the companies to send their scientists to speak with us.


Company Date Speaker Title
TECAN September 27th, 2011 Jeff Kent, Liquid Handling Engineer Scientific Challenges: Robotic Solutions
Agilent October 4, 2011 Dr. Iman KIshawi, Field Scientific Manager-Clinical Genomics Cancer-Specific CGH+SNP Microarrays
DIAGENODE November 15th, 2011 Dr. Ignacio Mazon Automating Epigenetic Assays: Generating high-resolution ChIP and MeDIP profiles using the SX-8G IP-Star Compact System
Roche December 6th, 2011 Dr. Andrea L. LaFont, Field Applications Specialist LightCycler 480 Application Introduction: High Resolution Melting and Thermal Shift Analysis
AFFYMETRIX February 28th, 2012 Brian Read TBA
FLUIDIGM March 20, 2012 Chris Simollardes TBA
ILLUMINA April, 2012 Dr. Erin Wheatley TBA


Date Company Date Company
Sep 13 Nanostring Nov 1 Roche
Sep 20 Beckman-Coulter Nov 8 BioBase
Sep 27 NuGEN Nov 15 Agilent
Oct 4 Fluidigm Nov 22
Oct 11 Columbus Day Nov 29
Oct 18 Affymetrix Dec 6 GeneGO
Oct 25 Tecan