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The BioMicro Center is Hiring!

BioMicro Center: Informatics


Koch Institute (KI) for Integrative Cancer Research-Bioinformatics and Computing Core (BCC) Facility, to join a facility that provides bioinformatics and computational support to KI scientists who work in more than fifty labs across four departments and centers. Will support and collaborate with KI-BCC on the bioinformatics components of a broad range of biological research projects through analysis and interpretation of experimental data and participate in ensuring that KI researchers have efficient access to advanced genomics applications. This will involve the deployment and customization of existing software and the development of new tools.

REQUIREMENTS: an advanced degree (Ph.D. preferred) in biology, computer science, or related discipline; extensive genomics research experience; experience with the mining and analysis of datasets derived from both array and next generation sequencing platforms; expertise in some combination of analytical fields such as gene expression analysis, copy number analysis, transcription factor analysis, proteomics, and sequence analysis; expertise mining public data repositories; demonstrable programming expertise, e.g., Perl/Python, BioPerl, Java, R, and MySQL; and expertise in UNIX-based computational environments. Experience with the generation of publication-quality graphics a plus. Must possess excellent interpersonal and written and oral communication skills and experience working in a collaborative environment, ideally with faculty, administrators, and students within a university setting. Should be able to work both independently and with other members of the KI-BCC team. MIT-00009675


Project Title: Analysis of the transcriptome using Next-Generation Sequencing.
Project Description: Next generation sequencing has revolutionized molecular biology, allowing labs to sequence 100’s of millions of DNA fragments at a time, producing billions of basepairs of sequence every day. RNA sequencing protocols have adapted this technology to quantifying gene expression. The enormous quantity of data produced has made the informatics associated with these projects challenging and data processing is a limiting step in many studies. You will be working with other bioinformaticicsts to evaluate different RNA-seq algorithms and will be involved in creating automated processes to perform both basic and more advanced analyses of the data.
Prerequisites: Experience with programming and introductory biology required. Interest in working multiple semesters in the lab is preferred.
Contact: Please send a cover letter describing your research interests and a resume to Stuart Levine

BioMicro Center: Genomics

No full time or part time Technical Assistant positions are available at this time