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More information about the output files can be found on the [[BioMicroCenter:IlluminaDataPipeline|Illumina Pipeline]] page.
More information about the output files can be found on the [[BioMicroCenter:IlluminaDataPipeline|Illumina Pipeline]] page.
== Turnaround Time ==
Each Genome Analyzer processes 8 samples per run, or 7 samples plus a control. The control is typically used to improve sequence quality. Full flowcells can be run usually within two weeks of submission. Partial submissions of less than eight samples (or 7 with control) are put into a project queue, where they join existing samples or await others before processing. Wait times for partial submissions vary depending on demand from other users. Once the run has begun approximately six days are required for clustering, sequencing, and data analysis for a 36 base pair read. The process requires approximately 5 days for a 36nt read.
== ChIP Seq Literature ==
== ChIP Seq Literature ==

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Marson A, et al. Cell 2008


Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (ChIP-Seq) combines ChIP with DNA sequencing, allowing researchers to identify the binding sites of DNA-associated proteins. It can be used as a more cost effective and higher quality alternative to whole genome microarray hybridization. You can find more information about Illumina's ChIP-Seq protocols and kits here. ChIP-Seq samples are typically run as 36nt or 40nt single-end runs on the GAIIx or HiSeq, respectively.

Sample Submission Guidelines

Users are required to prepare their own libraries for sequencing by following the corresponding Illumina Protocols. Illumina ChIP-seq sample preparation kits can be purchased directly from Illumina or through the BioMicro Center for $2,300.00 plus shipping costs (10 sample preps per kit). To request an order or for more information please contact Kevin Thai.

Samples which are ready for sequencing should be gel-purified according to your protocol, and provided as at least 5uL of solution at a concentration of at least 10nM in EB/Tween 0.1%. We perform quality control on all submitted samples.

Samples generated using standard kits with Illumina PCR primers can be submitted without sequencing primers. Custom sample preparations using customized PCR primer sequences should be provided along with a complementary sequencing primer.

Sample Submission Forms


Images acquired from the Illumina sequencer are processed through the bundled Illumina analysis pipeline to identify the sequence and quality score for each base. The data can then be aligned to a reference genome, if requested, using an interactive ELAND algorithm. An in-depth QC report of the data is included in the package.

Output Files:

  • sequence.txt
  • export.txt
  • sorted.txt

More information about the output files can be found on the Illumina Pipeline page.

ChIP Seq Literature


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