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Full Speaker Rotation is |HERE.


DATE TIME Presenter Location Room NOTES
1/26 (Thursday) 12p Brian Haas (Broad Institute) MIT 76-558 Trinity
2/23 (Thursday) 12p Brad Chapman MIT 68-180 Extending the GATK for variant comparisons; slides code
3/22 (Thursday) 12p Vincent Butty MIT 68-181 RNA-Seq quality control and quantitation of alternative RNA processing
4/12 (Thursday) 12p Kip Bodi Tufts Medical Journal Club
5/3 12p Huiming Ding MIT 68-180 "High-throughput generation, optimization and analysis of genome-scale metabolic models." by Henry, C. S. et al.
5/24 12p Joshua Ainsley (Tufts) - Hosted by Lakshmanan Iyer Tufts Sackler 851 Characterizing dendritic translation with RNA-Seq
6/7 12p Toshi Ohsumi MGH Sinches 5 - Darwin Room MolBioLib: a C++11 Bioinformatics Framework
6/21 12p Juli Klemm (NIH/NCI) MIT 68-156 Informatics at NCI
7/12 12p Ryan Abo MIT 68-274 discovery of active enhancers using GRO-seq data.

Core, LJ, Waterfall, JJ, Lis, JT (2008). Nascent RNA sequencing reveals widespread pausing and divergent initiation at human promoters. Science, 322, 5909:1845-8.
Melgar, MF, Collins, FS, Sethupathy, P (2011). Discovery of active enhancers through bidirectional expression of short transcripts. Genome Biol., 12, 11:R113.

7/26 12p Yanqun Wang MGH TBA TBA
9/13 12p Stuart Levine MIT 68-156 Replicates in Informatics:
9/27 12p Charlie Whittaker KI 68-156 Teaching Bioinformatics
10/18 12p Brad Chapman MIT 68-156 Biological resources for Amazon: CloudBioLinux, CloudMan, BioCloudCentral slides
11/1 12p Ruslan Sadreyev MGH TBA TBA
11/15 12p George Bell WI TBA TBA


Schedule for 2011.

DATE TIME Presenter Location Room NOTES
1/18 12p Toshiro Ohsumi MGH Simches 5290
2/1 12p Stuart Levine MIT 68-329 Illumina Quality Control Modules
2/15 12p Paola Favaretto MIT 76-358 Matlab
3/8 12p Fugen Li MIT 68-329 Enhancer Analysis
3/22 12p Charlie Whittaker MIT 76-247 Commercial versus public GO tools
4/12 12p Laurent Gautier
Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Denmark
MIT 76-259 R-Python Interface
4/26 12p Michael Reich
Broad Institute
MIT 68-151 GenePattern Enhancements
5/17 12p Mark Borowsky MGH Simches 5 / Darwin Schneeberger et al., 2009 NatureMethods
6/7 12p Brad Chapman MIT 68-151 BioPython
6/28 12p Ruslan Sadreyev MIT 76-659 Teaching Statistics
7/12 12p Kip Bodi MIT 68-121 Data analysis for DSRG / ABRF
7/26 12p Toshiro Ohsumi MGH TBA
8/23 12p Lakshmanan Iyer Tufts Medical RNAseq Analysis
9/15 (Thursday) 12p Brad Chapman MIT 76-558 distributed exome analysis pipeline slides
10/6 (Thursday) 12p Stuart Levine MIT 68-274 Comparison of ChIP-seq algorithms
10/27 (Thursday) 12p Pablo Pareja MIT 76-258 Bio4j Graph based analysis and visualization slides
11/?? (Thursday) 12p Paola Favaretto MIT RNAseq - part I
12/15 12p Charlie Whittaker MIT RNAseq - part II