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Biosciences and Genetics Diversity Retreat

  • Click on the above link for details!

8/13/10: How to Write an NSF Workshop

When: Wednesday October 13th, 12pm-1pm

Where: Clark Center S361 (By Peets)

Why: Get tips on how to write an NSF graduate fellowship. The workshop will be run by 2nd Year NSF recipients: Badreddin Edris, Trisha Stan and Jessica Ferreyra. Many examples from past "funded" proposals will be given out. 12/40 people who attended our workshop last year received an NSF!! **Food served**

9/29/10: Hispanic Heritage Month Fall Fiesta 2010

When: Wednesday September 29th 5pm-7pm

Where: Location TBD, but hopefully we can take advantage of the new LKSC.

Why: Please join BioAIMS in our first event to celebrate a new year of exciting events and Hispanic Heritage month. Meet up with old friends or with incoming students over some great food. All grad students are welcome!

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Check details and updates on Bioaims homepage:

Annual Banquet


Past Events

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