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News and Coming Events

BioAIMS Diversity Retreat

Want to get away for a night to beautiful Monte Toyon Retreat Center with great company?? Please join BioAIMS and the Genetics Diversity office in the first Diversity in Biosciences retreat! 1st years this is for you too!!

When: Friday, January 21st (6pm) - Saturday, January 22 (6pm)

Meals: Free food! Dinner and snacks on Friday. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks on Saturday.

Events: Salsa lessons (by Diego), Games, Low ropes course, town hall discussions....


Your registration will be complete when you receive a confirmation email. DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS JANUARY 7, 2011!!!

Questions?: If you're unsure, think that you are a maybe, or just have other questions,please contact Julianna Prieto in the Genetics department

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