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News and Coming Events

BioAIMS November Meeting with ChaRandle Jordan


Thursday 11/18/10 @ 5:30pm

Where: LKSC 306


Please join us in a career development talk with ChaRandle Jordan, a founding member of BioAIMS and graduate of the Genetics program. ChaRandle is now a Analyst at Essex Woodlands Health Ventures here in Palo Alto. Come learn about his experience in Venture Capital

    • Food served**

BBiosciences and Genetics Diversity Retreat


Friday, January 21st 7pm - Saturday, January 22nd 7pm


Monte Toyon (near Santa Cruz)


PLANNING: We need your input to make this as fun and useful as possible. If you want to be part of the planning committee to determine the agenda/activities, speakers, content, etc for the retreat, please contact Anita Blanco ( or Antonia Dominguez (

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