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[[User:Anders|Anders Andersson]] <br>
[[User:Anders|Anders Andersson]] <br>
[[User:Xinmei|Xinmei Feng]] <br>
[[User:Xinmei|Xinmei Feng]] <br>
[[User:Henry|Henry Holmstrand]] <br>
[[User:Stephan|Stephan Gantner (from Feb 2008)]] <br>
[[User:Henry|Henry Holmstrand (from March 2008)]] <br>
[[User:Ramiro|Ramiro Logares (from Feb 2008)]] <br>
==PhD students==
==PhD students==

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Stefan Bertilsson


Laura Alonso-Saez
Anders Andersson
Xinmei Feng
Stephan Gantner (from Feb 2008)
Henry Holmstrand (from March 2008)
Ramiro Logares (from Feb 2008)

PhD students

Sara Beier
Friederike Heinrich
Lorena Grubisic

MSc students