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[[User:Laura|Laura Alonso-Saez]] <br>
[[User:Laura|Laura Alonso-Saez]] <br>
[[User:Anders|Anders Andersson]] <br>
[[User:Anders|Anders Andersson (from Jan 2008)]] <br>
[[User:Xinmei|Xinmei Feng]] <br>
[[User:Xinmei|Xinmei Feng]] <br>
[[User:Henry|Henry Holmstrand]] <br>
[[User:Stephan|Stephan Gantner (from Feb 2008]] <br>
[[User:Henry|Henry Holmstrand (from March 2008]] <br>
[[User:Ramiro|Ramiro Logares (from Feb 2008]] <br>
==PhD students==
==PhD students==

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Stefan Bertilsson


Laura Alonso-Saez
Anders Andersson (from Jan 2008)
Xinmei Feng
Stephan Gantner (from Feb 2008
Henry Holmstrand (from March 2008
Ramiro Logares (from Feb 2008

PhD students

Sara Beier
Friederike Heinrich
Lorena Grubisic

MSc students