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Lab Meeting Schedule Spring 08 ( at 10.00 in C10:109d)

Date Present Coordinator (+snacks)
March 28 Roundtable Stefan
April 21 Team Building Planning Stefan


-Mo-Fri 25-29 Feb 2008: PhD course (lots of interesting talks!)
-Fri December 14: Christmas Party!

Instrument responsibility

Lab responsibilities

Name Job Job frequency
Stefan B Robocycler PCR (service and checkups) Continuously
Hannes Flow cytometer Continuously
Stefan Phosphorimager Continuously
Friederike Fluorescence microscopes (confocal+upright+inverted) Continuously
Hannes dHPLC system (DNA-Bio-LC) When needed
Stefan Sequencing robot (MWG Roboseq) When needed
Xinmei Chromo4-QPCR Continuously
Sara Gel Electrophoresis/Gel Documentation Weekly
Katrin Ultracentrifuge Continuously

Lab week responsibilities

Name week
Sara v 1
Xinmei v2

Protocols and Forms

Cloning and sequencing