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Today's to do list:

  1. stock and mini pSB1AG0-J23078, map EcoRI/SpeI
  2. grow up J23055 #1 for electro comp
  3. grow up J23016 (trbC::Cm) for the knockout (later gen. mini and PCR with JL16/17)
  4. Rlam/J23057 x pSB1A2-J01003 redo


Today I... - mini-preped J23074 and J23075, and pSB1AKG0-b0015 - gen. mini and PCR J23055 - grew up Rlam/J23057 - analytical digest of J23074 and J23075

JCAnderson 22:35, 20 September 2006 (EDT)


Four clones were spotted the other day, all 4 were ampS and camS. The JL3/4 PCRs were done on genomic preps today. Jen setup and sam ran PCRs of J23055 clones 1 and 2. Clone 1 looks correct, it was stocked and replated to make comp cells.


Today I have to:

  1. Grow up J23074 and J23075 (4 clones each)
  2. Grow and spot J23055 (43 degrees J23015 x pCP20)
  3. Run PCR of J23069 with your traG 20mers