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Iowa State University M.Sc. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, August 2000
Kansas State University B.Sc. Microbiology, May 1997
Kansas State University B.Sc. Biology, May 1996


Discovered uniquely expressed genes in the chick

Developed, troubleshot and performed molecular protocols and techniques for a gene expression study on the dorsal root ganglia of the embryonic chick. Homologous matches were found to the human genes VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) and NKTR (Natural Killer Tumor Recognition sequence) with unique expression patterns in the stage 25 chick embryo. Taught molecular techniques to others, managed the molecular lab. (Dept. Anatomy and Neurobiology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Research Assistant (September 2000 – April 2002))

Performed three separate phylogenetic studies of the plant pathogenic genus Ceratocystis and its related asexual Chalara (M.Sc. thesis)

In the first study, large subunit, small subunit rDNA and a partial sequence of the protein producing MAT-2 gene were sequenced for species within the Ceratocystis genus and the order Microascales. Sequence data indicated that Ceratocystis should be placed within the order Microascales. In the second study, sequence analysis of asexual Chalara species divided the species two groups: non-plant pathogenic Leotiales species and plant pathogenic Ceratocystis species. In the third study, a phylogenetic and taxonomic evaluation of asexual species within Ceratocystis was performed. (Interdepartmental Program: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Department of Plant Pathology, Iowa State University, Masters Research Program (August 1998 - August 2000).)

Isolated and identified bacteria in water and air contamination studies

Troubleshot and performed a variety water contamination research projects: fecal coliform contamination of Kansas streams, space station Mir water contamination studies, iodinated resin tests of air and water purification. (Department of Biology, Kansas State University, Research Assistant (August 1997 – January 1998).)

Purified the E2 (dihydrolipoyl acetyltransferase) component of the pyruvate dehydrogenase enzyme

Helped develop new purification protocols to purify a subunit of pyruvate dehydrogenase and then performed enzyme recycling assays (enzyme kinetic work) and activity inhibition assays on the purified subunit. (Department of Biochemistry, Kansas State University, Laboratory Assistant (April 1995 - May 1997).)


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